No diff in lesson and expected results but the lesson is not accepting the answer

challenge temperature part 2

My solution is the exact same as the expected solution. Why isn’t it accepting it? I am getting frustrated with your tutorial and will search for a more polished one if another bug appears.

I was testing this website out to see if it’s worth purchasing a subscription. I have run into a couple issues with errors in the compiler (and reported them) and now the verification logic. When learning a new language it is tough enough to learn how the language works but to factor in the question if the teaching aide is accurate is too much!

Please QA your courses before providing to the public. This will ensure an easier time for your customers who are looking to learn from you and potentially support your efforts!

If this is indeed a bug, it’s helpful if you include a link to the course/lesson as well.

This has happened to me a couple times when doing projects within lessons.
It has resolved for me by using “Replace with Solutioneven though its the same, or just reloading the page, but I also always report the bug in the righthand menu “Get Unstuck”!

I put ‘challenge temperature part 2’ in the header of the post. Was that not enough to determine the lesson it was from? I assumed it was.

No…b/c there are many lessons, courses.

When reporting potential bugs, it’s important to be as descriptive as possible so the issue can be replicated. You should always include:

  • link to lesson
  • Operating system
  • web browser and if there are any extensions installed.

You can also report it within the lesson iteself.