No credit: 6. Logical Operators

So in lesson 6: Logical Operators, step 2 requires you to set “foggyNight” to true and then run the code. I recieved credit and moved to the next step where the only instructions are ‘change foggyNight to false and run the code again’. I changed foggyNight to equal false and tried to run the code again. I expected to get the default ‘else’ printed in the console and yet do not even see an error or anything in the console. I have refreshed the page and restarted the lesson and it still does not work. Any ideas?

var moonPhase = ‘full’;
var foggyNight = false;
if(moonPhase === ‘full’ && foggyNight) {


Could you provide the link to the exercise…

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Sorry for the late response. I ended up finding a way to get around the issue without following the given instructions.

What is the way?

I seem to stuck with this assignment. Thanks