No correct answer to this lesson


The message say bool_three is incorrect but I have no idea why. 100**0.5 is equal to 10 which is not greater than or equal to 50. I also tried say the statement was true and it still did not work.

I expected to be able to move on because I believe my answer is correct.

bool_one = True or False is True

bool_two = True or False is True

bool_three = False or False is False

bool_four = True or True is True

bool_five = False or True is True


>>> 100 ** 0.5

As we can see, it actually returns a float because 0.5 is a float so the result will be one, also.


I'm confused with what you say. Note I am very new to this and am not very intelligent, what do you mean by a float?


You will inevitably find that there are no hand-holders in this game. We're on our own. Only your own determination will get you through this. Set your sights at things you can achieve. Then set them higher.


I don't want anyone to hold my hand I just don't understand what I did wrong, I've gone through the trial and error process and now I'm asking for outside help. I'm on the 'or' section and it asks 100**0.5>=50 which, unless my comprehension is flawed, is false because the square root of 100 is 10 which is not greater than or equal to 50. When I press submit it says that I am incorrect.


If you know something I don't please share. There's no reason for us to be on our own, knowledge is meant to be communicated.


Oh wow I figured it out. Only took a few hours haha, why is false or false is true
Shouldn't false or false is false?


False or False is False. it's the only OR expression that is. The rest are True.

T or F  => T
F or T  => T
T or T  => T

Not sure what your problem was without knowing which lesson this is. Please post a link. Thank you.

And it is, in spades, both here and online. The best learning is what we learn with our own wits sharpened. The honing only takes place when we make mistakes, try again and discover what they were.


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