No console to type in, no file tree to browse

Im stuck too. No console to type in, no file tree to browse. It connected to codecademy alright, though.

Same issue here. I can’t type anything into the console.

So… file and prompt came up for me… but clicking ‘run’ doesnt do anything… =/

Does clicking on the little file folder do anything:

nope. but, as i mentioned, the .txt prompt did come up and i could type in whatever i wanted. but clicking on ‘Run’ didnt appear to do anything.

Could you post a screen shot showing your whole web browser so that we can see what you see?

Thanks, now I can see what you are talking about.

In that exercise you don’t get a terminal, just an editor because that is all that exercise cares about. In that one, the RUN button is functioning as SAVE.

i see. tried clicking ‘next’ for the first time after you explained that. to my surprise, it works =)

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