No Connection to Codeacademy/ Construction of website bad


I was doing the ‘advanced topics’ a few days ago, i think around the 12 or 13 of March (when a new Update on the entire Phython Course was made). Ever since, on google chrome i dont get any connection to codeacademy so i cant use the console and on internet explorer the construction of the website is that bad that i cant use it either.
Anyone having the same problems? What can i do to fix it? Preferably i would like to use google chrome.


You can contact support:

on the forum we mostly help with people having issues with code (bugs/mistakes in the code or explaining code concept)

we can’t do much about connection issues, which is why we have support. I hope they can help you and you can go back to using codecademy on chrome :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thanks for you answer. I will do that :slight_smile:


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