No badge?



I have just finished the whole introduction of JS - last lesson Requests II.

Why I didn’t received any badge for this particular lesson, and no badge for having finished the whole JS course?



I see your badges:

Click here to see them


You can see that I received a badge at each lesson followed.

EXCEPT for the lesson I just finished (Request 2). And not even a badge for finishing the whole JavaScript course…

Why ??? You don’t answer the question… I know where to find previous badges, yes.


Sorry I misread your question…

Hmm weird it shows you have completed the course.
Could you go to the last lesson and click save/run the code and then see if anything happens.


Unfortunately nothing happens. I erased my answers of this last lesson (Request 2) and made it again. Nothing. I didn’t get any badge, not even the one telling I finished the whole JS course :’(


I’ll try and elevate your query but can’t promise anything.


Hi Majorek, I’d recommend that you talk to our customer support team about this issue.


I just the made the “CSS rules” in the CSS course, and again, no badge.


I just finished the “HTLML” course in the HTML/CSS and I didn’t get any badge neither. What is going on?


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