No Actual Lesson on Connecting Node.js and PostgreSQL in the Fullstack Path

This is one of the most frustrating moments while learning at Codecademy.
We are presented with lessons on Express and PostgreSQL and all of a sudden, we are left in the dark with no idea about how to connect these two concepts.

I don’t know if there’s a problem with the courses or Codecademy really just left a huge gap but either way this isn’t the right way to teach. People come here and pay to learn some material that can prepare them for projects and jobs.
Leaving important subjects is not the right way.

The only thing that we are presented with is this external tutorial that presents a lot of new code and concepts without proper explanations.
Yes, you can copy/paste the code and see it working but can you learn from that? NO!

If we were to never learn how to connect Node and SQL then why bother teach them in the Fullstack Path at all?!

I really really really hope Codecademy realizes this huge mistake and provides some lessons about these important subjects because in the current situation, the Back-End part is totally flawed and misses important subjects.

Finally, I would really appreciate it if others can provide some resources or good YouTube videos on learning this important subject for me and other learners who will come upon this post.

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