Nile Project

i am getting a error on the Nile Project code line - name drivers is not defined

for driver in drivers:

driver_time = driver.speed * distance

price_for_driver = driver.salary * driver_time

if cheapest_driver is None:

  cheapest_driver = driver

  cheapest_driver_price = price_for_driver

elif price_for_driver < cheapest_driver_price:

  cheapest_driver = driver

  cheapest_driver_price = price_for_driver

return cheapest_driver_price, cheapest_driver

Check the following FAQ for details on code formatting and you can keep the whole thing together easily on the forums- Code Formatting FAQ.

Since there’s a return I assume this is a function (where’s the def statement?). Do you have a function parameter called drivers or is it called something else? Is drivers a name from outside the scope of the function, does the name match exactly?

A NameError occurs when there’s a reference to name that either doesn’t exist or at least isn’t within the current scope of the code where it was used.

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