Ng-repeat="exercise in exercises"


Hello. Why it is used "exercise in exercises" in ng-repeat? Why it isn't "exerciseS in exerciseS"? Term "exercise" isn't used anywhere. It is "exercises" evywhere, because it is "$scope.exercises". Can you explain me please? I am lost in "S"..


It is common to write the iterator variable as a singular object, and the iterable as a pluralized object.

for thing in things

for child in children

for part in parts

for list_item in list

message in messages

exercise in exercises

Making sense, now?


So it is common or it wouldn't work if it would be written "things in things"?


They are one in the same. It's like looking in a milk jug for milk. It will always be found. If we are looking for protein molecules in milk they will be abundant.

for marbles in marbles

All we see is a bag of marbles. Pseudo-code, follows:

for marble in marbles
    if marble.color === bluish:

In the above, we are examining the individual marbles, one at a time, that make up the bag of marbles. This is much more practical, and discerning.