Ng-repeat, <div ng-repeat="n in apps" class="card"> <app-info info="apps"></app-info> </div>

Can somebody help me with this problem? I am not sure if my syntax is right.

my code:


expected .card to have an attribute ng-repeat

the code is not displayed, in the message box, I don’t know why

Try this

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It’s correct your sintaxis, only you need put this div in first place


 <div class="main" ng-controller="MainController">
  <div class="container">
    <div ng-repeat="app in apps" class="card">
      <app-info info="app"></app-info>

    <div class="card"><app-info info="move"></app-info></div>
    <div class="card"><app-info info="shutterbugg"></app-info></div>
    <div class="card"><app-info info="gameboard"></app-info></div>
    <div class="card"><app-info info="forecast"></app-info></div>

but why it should be in first place , i mean what is the logic behind this :smile:thanks in advance

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Its not about first place. Your mistake was that you used:

<div ng-repeat=“n in apps” class=“card”> <app-info info=**“apps”**></app-info> </div>
instead of
<div ng-repeat=“n in apps” class=“card”> <app-info info=**“n”**></app-info> </div>
<div ng-repeat=**“app in apps”** class=“card”> <app-info info=**“app”**></app-info> </div>

So I actually have a question about what this line of code is accessing. I get how to make it run, but would love a little explanation as to what is corresponding to what. Thanks very much!

It works. Thank you very much.

Thank you @raftael, that was extremely helpful.

Why should i write 4 divs again if i am already using ng-repeat??

We don’t need 4 divs, we are repeating $scope.apps, so
<div ng-repeat="app in apps" class="card"> then
in the custom directive “app-info” we just need to put the repeated “app”
<app-info info="app"></app-info>

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Had some difficulty understanding this one as well but I managed to do it. Here is the syntax:


` The problem that I had was, its not showing the correct content then I realized you have to put the `ng-repeat` first before you add the class as shown above.

and also ake sure you delete the first 4 divs for each of the cards for cleanliness. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Where does "app in apps" come from? Or I mean is “app” supposed to be predefined?

apps is the object
app is a variable-name
Internally they are using a so-called FOR-IN loop.

Look above where somebody used "n in apps"
and then also be aware of the other changes you will have to make.

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My question is, when and where is the variable-name, app, defined as a variable?

As soon as you use
ng-repeat="app in apps"

Could I call app a parameter instead?

Use google search if you want to read some
== the Book ==
angularjs ng-repeat directive site:

== discussions / opinions ==
angularjs ng-repeat

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No, by saying

ng-repeat=“app in apps” you are creating a loop. apps comes from $scope.apps, you have an array of multiple apps

ng-repat=“x in y” means, loop through the array of y (or apps) and assign each one to x (or app).

you could write it: ng-repeat=“foo in apps” or ng-repeat=“thisIsOneItemInMyArray in apps” or ng-repeat=“shabalamalam in apps”

You are basically instantiating the variable when you do that.


ya its true, but that code is not working

Its about the position only, I wrote the correct code but still it was showing error but when I changed the position with the same code then that error got removed.