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I run an after school club for our local Middle School. I teach the kids how to code through Scratch and they all love it. Where do they go from here though? If some kids want to continue to learn coding what would you all suggest I direct them to? Is there an order as to what programs you learn when?

I’m learning Java right now, I can already code is JavaScript and I’m looking at a Python course as well as a C++ course. What would you all think is a logical next step from Scratch?



I’d go with python. It’s very high level and a good transition into programming

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Thanks. I will keep that in mind. I personally am doing the Java course here at CodeAcademy, so I will check out the Python one, and make sure to let them know about it after my introductory course is over.

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Teach them JS next. Scratch is really just an easier version of JS. You should try that.

I hope this helps =)

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