Next Step From Here


Can anyone advise on the next step after completing Python Basics.
Is it necessary to repeat and master the basics before I can be prepared to go professional?
What is the next best resource to go professional?
Is Python basics any where close to the professional world or are their more advance stuff to be learned as a starter?
I will appreciate as much input as possible. Thanks


We breeze through the concepts on this site, but don't really do more than get our feet wet. Don't be afraid to go back and review, practice and study up on the concepts covered so far. Reinforce your knowledge base with lots of reading.

@zeziba a long time back posted a link to Project Euler with the suggestion that completing upwards of fifteen challenges will help get one more up to speed. I still go there to shore up my aging brain. It's like watching a movie again after having forgotten what it was about.

There is lots to go before turning this into a profession, but as long as that is your goal then pour yourself into it. Look for certificate courses or enroll in school so you get a solid footing moving forward on to your career.


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