Next slide 1 parser error bug?


I'm able to pass on through to the next exercise but the next arrows don't work at the bottom of the flipboard page.

Where is my error? Is it a bug? :confused:

update: works on Chrome but not Safari


Hey @biff75,

It looks like it is a bug to me. If you remove the closing curly brace (}) on line 14, your code should work and pass, though :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. Is this course being taken down?


@biff75 Yep! We've still got a month or two at least though.


I was able to click submit through unit 5 in the course to the end without putting any code of my own in. :fearful:


@biff75 Sorry, sometimes it's like that :confused:

Although, I haven't seen exercise five in a while, it may be intended behavior?


I suppose it could be intended behavior. I'll just wait for another make an interactive website course. Would I get badges for the current course?


@biff75 I believe so, but I'm not 100% sure.


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