Next Language?


So I've gone through Python, and I'm almost done with JavaScript. I've also made my way through terminal and git (just for fun). What language should I learn next on here, if any? I want nothing to do with web design, and I have enough of a grasp on HTML and CSS to never want to use it again, lol. I really want to learn a little bit of Visual Basic and XML, with a decent grasp on JavaScript, and a good grasp on Python and C++. That should enable me to code just about anything non web related, right? Also what do you guys recommend as taking next? Where are some decent resources for your recommendations? Thanks!


SQL isn't really web related. It's more database related. You can also try Ruby (though I'm not too knowledgeable in that).


Yeah, SQL wouldn't be bad, thanks. I've never been a fan of the way Ruby was laid out.


Haskell if you want something different yet worth studying even if you won't use it.
You might also just stick with what you have until you have reason to learn something else.
I would stay away from visual basic or anything else that has an interest in locking you down to their proprietary platform (read: come over to linux)
Keep using git to check in whatever code you write.
Have a look at problem sets from programming contests


Why do you say Haskell is worth studying even if I wont use it?


When I saw the Haskell logo, it reminded me of Racket. Probably because it also has a lambda.


I think this is a good introduction to what Haskell is about (youtube)