Next is disable after I wrote


I have followed the instruction, but I have no idea why I cant go to STEP 2 and the NEXT button is disable


It seems there is a problem with the SERVER, i can not connect…

do you have a green-dot on the left-hand-side of your Bell ??


Hi Leonhard,

Thanks for your reply.
I have a green-dot (As shown on the picture below).
I find it strange :frowning:


Have you tried to reset-Browser using the F5 function-key…??


i am having the same issue on the HTML learning stage .got to the title part and i am stuck there .the run command just keeps rotating . I cant move to the next stage.


Always present the link of the exercise
and the FULL code you are using…?!


Hi Leonhard,

I refresh the browser, but did not help.
So, I restarted the course from the beginning, and finally it works well for me now.
Thank you for always replying, you are super !!! :slight_smile:

You can probably do the same thing Gladysidem :slight_smile:


Thank you Yudhayuki for your suggestion .
Works fine now .But instead of starting the course from beginning,
I started the “exercise” afresh .I was stuck at 6/9.

Thanks Leonhard ,still trying to find my way around here .will do so next time…hopefully,there wont be a next time!


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