NEXT button is not activated even after completing instruction


I am not able to move forward on the Ruby on Rail:Authentication Lesson. I believe there is a bug on step 4 of the module 1 of 12. (the very first module). Even after clicking on all the albums to view the photos as directed in the instruction on step 4 the NEXT button is not activated and therefore I am unable to move on to the next module 2 of 12.

I am stuck and can not continue. I already sent 3 emails complaining that it is probably a bug and never got any response until now. I need a someone over there to help and intervene.


Hi @isaacbam,

Could you please post a link to the exercise and screenshots of any errors you're getting?

Sometimes refreshing the page or switching browsers will help solve issues like this. Otherwise, you could try resetting the exercise and going through each step again, which might "reset" the system that checks your code.


Hello again

Here is the link:

I have already tried all the ideas you mentioned above i.e. refresh, reset,

A screen shot is pasted below. Thanks.


@isaacbam And clicking "See Album" under the Baseball heading does nothing? Do you get an error of some sort?


Yes, clicking on "See Album" does nothing. It does not activate the "NEXT"

Therefore I could not move to the next lesson or module.


Like I was saying in the previous email, and if you take a look at the
screen you I gave you one of my previous emails, you will see that the NEXT
button is not activated therefore there is nothing to click on. Even if you
click on the deactivated NEXT, nothing happens.

So I am stuck on 1/12 and can not go to 2/12.


@isaacbam Sorry to hear that. It seems a number of things in this course have broken recently, hopefully it'll be fixed soon. I did see this suggestion, for a different part of the course:

Perhaps here, typing in https://localhost:8000/albums/1 or something similar would do it?


Okay, so selecting the link and pasting the appropriate URL (eg, the "show recipe" link in the Authorization section) in the CC browser DOES seem to work...


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