"Next" button becomes available even with wrong code?

Hi, I am currently on the “Taking a Vacation” section of Python and I noticed that I can hit “next” even without attempting the exercise at all. This happened in the previous section as well but I just thought it might have been a bug. I tried to do this on incognito as well but same thing happens.


Could you please send an image?
Well, without the image:
What browser are you using? Preferred browser is chrome but codecademy also supports mozilla.
I did the python course but never had anything like this before, I also went back and tried a course i even tried to do a syntax error but it actually did what you said:

This must be a bug, report it on the codecademy help center

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Yup, I am indeed using chrome. Okay, I will report the bug, thank you.


I can’t get past this first step. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong because I replaced “Codecademy” with my name, clicked run and it changed to my name but when I try to click next its all grayed out and doesn’t let me go forward.