Newsletter email responsive


Hi everyone!

This is my first post in here and Im very excited to do it after following some tutorials on this amazing academy. What I wanted to ask is something about a personal project for creating an email/newsletter responsive.

I have seen that there is another posts talking about responsive stuff in here, but I need to know the first steps of what to do in the email subject (not a website). As far as I have learnt is good to use full HTML and in-line code (style cof cof) for coding the emails and is even better to avoid at all costs CSS just in case clients cannot see it properly in their software (hello there outlook!).

So here is my question, if i need to avoid CSS, how it is possible to do a responsive email? what are the best suggestion to do it? external tools? and finally, can you give me an example? because now I have done one email with tables in full HTML in-line and it works well, but on internet always recommend to use any kind of programs (something that i want to try to avoid if is possible).

So here it is! I hope you can help me with this question.



Sadly it is not possible, because you can’t use CSS, but apart from animations and media queries you can still use percents, and there is another option, basically HTML will also resize itself, you can use this, or just try to make a taller email instead of wider emails, this is good for mobile phones and tablets and good for laptops and PC-s
Hope this helps :grinning:


Amazing answer! Thanks a lot lolfail.