News and Highlights - Week of June 22

Hi there,

Happy Summer to everyone living in the Northern Hemisphere! Below is your weekly dose of tops posts, as well as a few coding events happening this week. See you there.

:fire: HOT TIP:

One week left to go in the HTML code challenge! Post your project, and be sure to review someone else’s in order to be eligible to win the prize!

:speaking_head: TOP POSTS:

  1. Methods vs. Functions (Python) - an explanation of the difference between a method and a function.

  2. What is the difference between section and article elements? (HTML) - clarification of the differences between an article element and a section element, plus, two supplemental articles to read.

  3. Why use backticks rather than double or single quotes? (JavaScript) - a summary of why backticks are great to use, and the essence of interpolation.

  4. What are the major differences between “const” and “let”? (JavaScript) - a few good examples of when to use the “let” keyword and when it’d be more useful to use the “const” keyword instead.

  5. What language should I learn first? - a shortlist of programming languages you should learn if you have a set goal (ie. frontend development), in addition to a small piece of advice for getting started.

:calendar: EVENTS THIS WEEK:

  • Web Dev with Sonny – On Thursday at 3pm ET
  • Codecademy Live – On Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm ET
  • Group Focus Session – On Wednesday and Friday at 3pm ET

To RSVP, please visit the June event calendar.

Have a good rest of your weeks,