News and Highlights - Week of July 6


Hope you had a relaxing weekend! Below is your weekly dose of top posts as well as a few coding events happening this week––see you there.

:fire: HOT TIP:

July’s monthly feature theme is VSCode For You. Psst. The agenda for the month was posted earlier today, check it out!

:speaking_head: TOP POSTS:

  1. What are your biggest struggles while learning to code? - a long list of great advice and stories from learners on the front lines of learning to code.

  2. Function and Const (JavaScript) - a topic containing a couple of examples that show the difference between the use of Function and Const. Two very different concepts that might confuse a new coder.

  3. Purpose, Meaning, Drive - a story, a piece of advice, and a couple of insightful questions to ask yourself if you’re at a crossroads in your coding journey, too.

  4. CASE Statement (SQL) - a good reminder that you can have multiple conditions with a CASE statement.

  5. What is module definition? (Python) - a fundamental Python concept to get familiar with early on.

:calendar: EVENTS THIS WEEK:

  • Web Dev with Sonny – Thursday, July 9th at 3pm ET
  • Codecademy Live: Visualize Data with Python – Tuesday, July 7th and Thursday, July 9th at 1pm ET
  • Codecademy & Me: Freelancing––Is it for me? – Tuesday, July 7th at 3pm ET

To RSVP, please visit the July event calendar.

Have a great week coding.