News and Highlights - Week of July 20

Hi, @pro_users,

Below is your weekly dose of top posts as well as a few coding events happening this week!

:fire: HOT TIP

:speaking_head: TOP POSTS

  1. How do I push code from projects that I completed on Codecademy to GitHub? - a quick summary of how to push your code to GitHub.

  2. List of VS Code Extensions with Descriptions - a list packed full of must-have extensions for your VS Code setup.

  3. Python Autocomplete - a tip from your peers on why it’s important to choose a text editor and get good at using it!

  4. A real-world use case for Multiple Classes (CSS) - a fellow learner shares how they’ve used Multiple Classes in their personal project: an interactive periodic table!

  5. Is there an environment to practice? - a few suggestions for where to practice your newly learned skills outside of the Codecademy learning environment.


Have a great week!