News and Highlights - Week of July 13

:fire: HOT TIP

Join us on Friday, July 17th in celebrating World Emoji Day with the launch of our new Emojicode course! Curriculum Developer @sonnynomnom will be joined by Emojicode creator Theo B. Weidmann for a demo and Q&A. RSVP here.

:speaking_head: 5 TOP POSTS

  1. Meal Maker - Setters and Getters (JavaScript) - an explanation of why you’d use setters and getters. Spoiler alert: The point of setters and getters is to give validation and to ensure that data you want to be added is being added.

  2. What was your win this week? - a thread of learners sharing their weekly wins with each other!

  3. Machine learning and data books for free download from Springer - an article with 65 book recommendations for Machine Learning and Data Science.

  4. What is Markdown? - in this video, Carols teaches us what markdown is, how it’s used, and why it’s such a valuable tool for so many people.

  5. Method inside method (Java) - a question on how you’d use a method inside another method in the same class.

:calendar: EVENTS THIS WEEK:

  • Codecademy Live: Visualize Data with Python - Tue July 14 and Thu July 16 at 3pm

  • Web Dev with Sonny - Tue July 14 and Thu July 16 at 3pm

  • Group Focus Sessions - Wed July 15 and Fri July 17 at 3pm

  • World Emoji Day Celebration - Fri July 17 at 1pm

To RSVP, please visit the July event calendar.

Have a great week, everyone!


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