Newer course: HTML&CSS or HTML&CSS part 1?


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I am confused on which Course is the correct one. "HTML & CSS" offers projects in which Im very interested in. "Learn HTML & CSS: Part 1" doesn't offer projects. Does that mean that "HTML & CSS" is the new course? If not, are the projects coming to "Part 1"? And will there be a Part 2? Additionally "HTML & CSS" offers more information as in creating buttons etc. and "Part 1" does not (at least so far).

Essentially both are correct. But “Learn HTML & CSS: Part 1” is the new one and there surely will be more to come. And most likely they will implement projects with part 2 etc… What I recommend is to do both. After all practice makes perfect. :slight_smile:

Im just a little bumped that these projects are not standard in the new course. The projects are a main reason for me to go PRO and imagining they are gone this summer (time isn’t even specified) and no Part 2 including the old projects or even new ones being released (again, no ETA so far) is not so great. I want a clear path and don’t want to rely on an old course which implicates its outdated. Although HTML & CSS isn’t outdated but there is no real hint for newcomers. There is room for improvement here!

Yeah I would have to agree there, the communication surrounding future plans should be improved. Especially If you are thinking of going pro. I’m sure they got something up there sleeve though. And I doubt they would remove those courses without putting something in their place.

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