Newby help?

Working Python Fundamental project Sal’s Shipping
I get synax error on line 5.
What am I missing?

weight = 100

if weight <= 2:
cost_ground = weight * 1.5 + 20
elif weight <= [SOME INEQUALITY]:
# more calculations
elif weight <= [SOME INEQUALITY]:
# more calculations
# last calculation


I understand the frustration, but it’s difficult for anyone to help you debug your code b/c:

a) you haven’t formatted your code
b) is that all of your code?
c) what’s the error message?
d) what have you tried to do to fix it?

Here’s some steps to follow when posting a question:


  • Please search for previous answers. (for example, there are 50+ results for Sal’s Shipping)
  • And please format your code.