I seem to understand and then I run into a brick wall and stall. I'm 64 been in health car for 42 years considered myself with a good grasp of computer and thought I would learn some about coding then I chug along in a learning module until bash I get stuck in a newbie loop where everything I enter keeps getting me deeper and deeper into despair. Any ideas about how a senior like myself can find the work a rounds so I don't get stuck,I don't want they answers just where to find the resources to get back on track. Thanks Mike


First place to start is the documenation for the language you are learning. Even if at first none of it makes sense, Familiarizing one's self with the basic details and where and how to access them is part of learning. We didn't read all the books in the library when we learned how to use the index card system, but we knew how to locate them by subject and title..