Newbie trying to make a web page. (personal project)

Hello and thank you for looking to help. My internet is very slow so I’m sorry if i do not respond in good time.

I have an image and a title that i need across the top if my site. i am having several issues with placement. does anyone have any idea how to fix these two elements to their respective places. they are placed in the “header” element and coded using “header omg” and “header p” I can code them into the space i want them ( probably not the best code for the job) but once there if i change the window size they move all over the place. if i don’t use position:absolute then the image won’t even be coaxed to the top of the page and stays below the words in the header. any help is welcomed. Thank you for reading.

You need to post an image of your site for us to be able to help you

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i have uploaded my mess to
also the logo pic i was using refuses to show up. :(yes the html is correct.) can anyone help me on the many placement issues I’m having and trying to make it look kind of like i have a clue what I’m doing.

Okay for the logo if it’s in a file you would need to navigate to that correctly for example if my file system was like this,


To include my logo I would have to write,

<img src="images/logo.jpg"/>

About your body since I don’t know how your html and css look I would suggest reducing the font size of your text and aligning to the center using the css property text-align: center;

If you’re building a new site and do not have any experience in web, just use one of those free templates , it will give you good web-site and you will be able to practice some coding.