Newbie Question: Project Sharing FAQ?

Hi All

I just started working on the Data Science path and I’m a total newb here, so if there’s an FAQ, please direct me to it.

I wanted to start sharing some of my projects, as it seems like thats a thing to do here. The question is: how do I do that? Are we just talking about doing a copy/paste of the code I write as part of the DataScience progression? I’ve seen one or two projects that look like someone did the queries, turned the info into tables, really thought about the presentation aspect. But there’s also been just a copy/paste job, which might be more the way I’d go. Can anyone explain what they would expect? Are these forums the only place to post some of these ? Would appreciate any thoughts on this from the pros or even other newbies!



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Hi @eric_r.

If it’s a short project you can just follow the guidance at the following FAQ for posting code to the forums- FAQ. That makes everything much easier for anyone looking at your code. A lot of projects seem to have dedicated threads but others don’t. It’s defintiely worth checking if there’s a lively discussion for a particular project as you’ve got a better chance of relevant feedback.

It’s also not uncommon for folks to stick code on GitHub, especially if the project is a little larger and it’s a handy way to show employers what you’re capable of. There’s some lessons on CA if you’re unfamiliar with it (git/github)-

It is a little more relevant to development than data science, hence it’s on the comp sci path but it’s a good idea to get familiar with it anyway. A number of data science modules and projects are likely to be hosted there anyway and versioning is good for everyone.

This forum is not a gallery for solutions. It does not encourage discussion or debate as one would perhaps envision. All it creates is long topics that nobody reads.


Thanks for that! Very helpful for me and I def check out the FAQ and the article on GitHub.


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