Newbie on the block


oh no! no O M G i have the memory of a goldfish (not really but ya know?? :wink: ) i forgot everything from those classes, i just remember the theory work, but i do remember always helping people with their codes because they got stuck or were just too lazy :neutral_face:
but no I donโ€™t know much, which is why Iโ€™m here :smile:


Learning to program consist of two phases, first you need to learn the syntax. Computers are dumb, they only know two words, on and off (0 and 1), in other words binary. So programming requires to write a set of instructions which are simple enough for a computer to understand, which is tricky given a computer has less of a vocabulary then a 3 year old child.

once you get a bit familiar with the syntax, you need to learn programming, which is mostly problem solving. For which being lazy can be a good way, if you can find an effective (lazy) solution to a problem, that is good.

Remembering syntax is far less important, if programming was about remembering syntax, computers would have been programming decades ago.

If you need a reminder of syntax, you can just find documentation.

for html, css and js MDN is a good documentation website

python has its own documentation (link), very useful, and its highly recommend to use this resources while taking courses here on codecademy, learning to read documentation is a very useful skill to learn, and something you will do throughout your career as software developer


I am also a forgetful person but doing the same thing over and over again helps me get better at it, thats why i erased my code.


ah ok, Iโ€™ll try and learn about syntax in my free time then :slight_smile:
and again thank you :smile:
oops I have to wait 8 hours before talking again, it seems I talk too much :neutral_face:
happy coding guys and girls!!
Iโ€™ll still be here though


Thanks stetim i will surely have at MDN::+1:t5:


Ok girl will check you in 8hrs lol


Thanks tarvern420 I am good now.