Newbie on the block


Hello everyone ,I am 25 and new to programming i just finished the intro to HTML,was fun and short,looking forward to new lessons ,I would like to know what I can use to practice my newly found skills offline ,data is so expensive where i live i have to sacrifice my sleep to get better value,your help would very appreciated.


My advice would be to think of a website idea and make it. You don’t need internet connection for it, just a text/code editor and the ability to make the codec of documents .html, .css, .js, etc.

You can download frameworks like jQuery so you don’t need to use data for that.


hello, I just finished the intro to HTML but am stuck on the “brown bear” excessive on point 7. just can’t seem to get it right. can anyone help ? thanks


I’m a newbie as well, but I’m trying really hard so hopefully I’l get somewhere in life :slight_smile:
I wish you all the best of luck! :hugs:


Thanks girl the same goes to you, I am not gonna pay anyone fo this after seeing how easy and fun it has been


Hey man I doubts you still need help with but if you still do you, can you remind me of their objective, i cant go back now, I am sure it is/was a minor thing.


Lol here i was thinking i will need a fancy software but the default notepad and and firefox work just fine, thanks a lot


Aww,thx Tarven :blush: and yes this is pretty fun, I’m nearly finished the HTML stuff. :smile:


Oh and have a happy new year guys !! :rofl::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol


Same goes to you and your fam may the blessings come in abundance.


I’m stuck on the fashion blog :frowning:
the part when you have to add Isabella’s picture to the body, I don’t get it :thinking:


I also had problems understanding there, but you must make sure you pay close attention to your image tag and copy the link as it is, I am mostly using Notepad++ and mozilla Firefox as my browser as they allow me to practise without worring about the data cost, I haven’t e fully understood the URL image method but I can put my own images now.
(sorry for the long rant I know it wasn’t that helpful)


Aww don’t say that, you are very helpful :blush: I’m glad you answered me though, thats really nice of you :grin:
I’ll check the link again, hopefully I didn’t do anything stupid as usual :neutral_face:


I have erased my all my code i will start afresh tonight so i can have a look at the Brown Bear issue and yours too.


really? thats so nice of you :blush:
do you know which computing language is hardest?


I am not to sure as yet, took a peek at Python and looked complicated but everything is hard at first, I really think we’re on the right path though Html and Css are said to be the easiest then you can following up with anything, depending on your whole purpose of learning code.


ok thx, i started learning python in school a year ago (2016) or is it 2? Now in computing class we do mostly theory work which is suprisingly fun as well :smile:
how long have you been coding for?


html and css aren’t even programming languages, they are markup languages.

Python is a high level language which takes care for a lot of stuff for you (memory allocation for example), its considered easy actually.


okay thx Stetim :slight_smile: your comment is really helpful :smile:


O. M. G you probably know a lot, I started last week, and I am doing everything myself