Newbie Need HELP!


Many thanks to all that clicked this message to help. I seem to be stuck and welcome all advice.

No response received from the web browser is the error message.

function main() {



There appears to be a full stop that does not belong.


Thanks for responding so fast. But being new to this like less than a full week new I can not figure out what the full stop is.


Atunci când ești blocat, pur și simplu, cere ajutor! Google-l când nu sunteți sigur. Nu ezitați să întrebați, și te motiva să continui ..

From Romanian to English:

When you're stuck, simply ask for help! Google it when you are not sure. Feel free to ask, and motivate you to keep going ..


He propably means a dot like this one .


And that would be correct. Only problem is we don't know when it was introduced. In the code? Or in the post?

It just doesn't belong.

Aside: In our colloquial realm, we call it a period.


Thanks for the reply. I actually used google translate for what you said.


Thanks for your help.


Thanks so much for the explanation. the code wouldn't work on the computer but worked on my ipad. I promise once things start making sense I will pay it forward.


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