Newbie looking for some advice

So I have been using codecademy for a little over 5 weeks. I started the Data Scientist: Analytics career course about 3 weeks ago. I am new to any type of coding, but really love learning this stuff. My question! What was your best method to retain what you are learning? I feel somewhat discouraged because I feel like I am not catching on like I should. I am just in SQL and feel like I am always looking at notes or getting hints on how to solve the problem at hand. Do many people go through the lessons 2-3 times in order to get a good grasp on it?

I am 40 and just recently finished my BA degree in business. I currently work for a government contractor with about 2-3 years left on our current job. I have always loved working with technology and computers and felt like Data Analysis would be easier for me to grasp than software development. I am just hoping to see if others felt really discouraged starting out in codecademy and what you done to overcome it.

Thanks in advance!

Usually when that happens to me, I just go to the beginning of the couse. Always something that gets clearer by doing it twice.