Newbie in Python Battleship

Hey I am new in coding so I am starting out with Codeacademy. So far it has been great and I have learned a lot of new things but some things has been bugging me. I have been stuck on creating BattleShip in the Python 2 learning course. I finished the basic but I was trying on fulfilling the extra credits. With a lot of struggles, I have failed to do accomplish it. I searched for “successful” Battleships done by other people but it is either not done right or way too complex that they use things I have not learned.

So, can the extra credits of the Battleship can be done with what I have learned so far in the Python 2 course and is it something I can go back to after I finish the course? If it can be done with only the things learned in the Python 2 course, then how?

Here is the link to the Battleship:

Some of these options will be easier after we cover loops in the next lesson. Think about coming back to Battleship! after a few more lessons and see what other changes you can make!

Give yourself a couple more weeks to continue with the track, and when that is complete, come back to this project. There are numerous ways to implement the ideas presented in Extra Credit, and having a greater understanding overall, you will be in a better position to envision and implement them.

One consideration over and above those mentioned will be to port the game over to Python 3. You can do this in your own IDE or somewhere like, That may be down the road a few weeks, but keep it on your to-do list.

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