Newbie Here. Mostly an Intro, Assistance Needed

Hey everyone, my name is Rehber but you can call me Doc. I recently started coding and just completed the Python3 course. Since completion, I have been feeling empty and conflicted about what to do next. The path that I have researched, tells me to learn CommandLine, then Git, and then start with Full Stack Engineer Path.

My goal is to learn and understand CS and apply it in an efficient way. The endgame is to have a dream job at a company like Google or Microsoft.

I don’t know what to do now. I’m feeling like a compass with no direction. I know that it sounds Cheesy but it is the best way I could describe the feeling. Any help would be much appreciated and I would be genuinely thankful for it.

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Hi Doc,

I think you should take time to explore what the different sides what people fundamentally understand “CS” to be. Find what drives and motivates you within that, and go to that. When you have a clearer picture of what kinds of things get you going, it’ll be easier to know what your dream job can look like (for example, Google/Microsoft have a ton of different types of jobs: and it may be that certain types of those are less attractive for you than others).

I like to listen to podcasts of interviews with old and new CS figures to see what kinds of things attract me (both subjects and approaches).

Hi Toast (Hope you don’t mind the nickname),

Thank you for the response. You’ve given me something to thing about and figure out. I’ll research about these things a lil bit more and make an appropriate decision.

Again, thanks for your valuable insight and guidance. See you around! : )

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