Newbie help please

Hi people. I’m working through the loops section and wanted to see if I could make my own function (I think I learn better this way).

I want to make a function that will simply time. For example, if you put in 120 seconds it will return 2 minutes.

This is the beginning of what I have:

let seconds = 0;
let minutes = 0;
let hours = 0;
let days = 0;
let weeks = 0;
let months = 0;
let years = 0;

function howManyMinutes(amountSeconds) {
let i = amountSeconds;
while (i > 60) {
i - 60;
if (i < 60) {
i = seconds;
return amountSeconds + ’ is equal to ’ + minutes + ’ minutes and ’ + seconds + ’ seconds.’;


However, when I try to run this in Terminal it seems to keep running leading me to assume that I must have made an infinite loop somewhere, or otherwise just done something completely wrong. Any advice would be very loved!!



You are adding to your minutes, that’s good, but you are not deducting i at each step.
Thus whilst i does not change the while loop will always meet the condition i > 60 so it will run forever.

You will need something like this:

i = i - 60;

Now for the next part, assigning the remaining seconds

i = seconds;

This is the wrong way round. You now say i is equal to 0 instead of seconds is equal to the value of i :wink:

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Btw you now do not take in account the condition when i has the value of 60.

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Thank you, that all makes perfect sense, and has saved me a headache! I’ll get cracking. Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Sure no problem, anytime :wink: . Happy coding!

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