Newb Newbie : Which language did *you start with? I chose Javascript

Hey All,

I’m a super newbie and decided that I liked Javascript after looking through the free courses here on Codecademy. After some more digging around, it seems that I maybe did things in a different / wrong order but I wanted to ask folks here what they started learning. So, did you start with HTML or JS? Why did you choose that route?
Also, should I stop JS and go back to start HTML?

Thanks !

Just to clarify you want to become a front-end developer?

Yes, I think I will start there. Would it be hard to add back end later?

I do not know if it will be hard to learn the back end later. But I would recommend starting with HTML and CSS before learning Javascript since you need to know those to understand the web dev parts of JS.

Thank you. The JS is clicking so I’m reluctant to stop and start something else but if you think it best I will consider it. I’m about 10% into the Learn JavaScript Course.

10% so are you learning conditionals? And I’m trying to say before you learn the web dev part of JS learn HTML and CSS. But when learning the basics of JS it does not matter if you know HTML and CSS yet.

This helps!

Yes, I’m learning Var Const and Let

Thank you again.

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