New York City project

I am having doubt in last project of task 16 in html could anyone help me out NYC project

Hey there @pyace94119 :grinning:

I would be happy to help you.
What part of this are you having trouble with specificaly?

If you are referring to the red dot on line 18, that is because you don’t have a closing </section> tag.

I am not able to write code of 16th task allocated could you help me out and also find if there are errors in my code.

One could say the footer is quiet similar in structure to several other portions of a website, although it holds different content it often uses many of the same elements.
Since you have already succeeded in making this much of your page, than creating a <footer> should not be too much of a challenge.

For starters take a look at the first part of this step:

Create a <footer> element with an id of “about” under the closing </main> tag.

You can create a footer, and give it a class in the same way as any other element:

<section id="blog">
    <!-- other content -->

Once you have your <footer> add your information, like the <p> tags that are mentioned in the second part of this step. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for helping look for errors, I would be happy to help, though I can not see, nor copy the full code from your screenshot. Could you copy/past your code here? Make sure to post it properly formatted by pressing this button:

And then copy/paste your code between the two rows of backticks:

Properly formatting your code preserves indentation, and will make it ready to copy/past to a IDE for testing.

From your screenshot, I can point out the way you have your <nav> set up, you have everything from line 8 - 18 nested inside of it, which includes your <main>. This does not change the look of your website, but it is not good for web crawlers or SEO, as the <nav> is supposed to only contain navigation, and not main content.

Also as @codeneutrino said, there is a red dot on line 18 due to the fact you have no closing </section> tag