New Year, New You: Meet Users Learning to Code in 2024!

New Year, New You: Meet Users Learning to Code in 2024!

Discussion and connecting thread


hi everyone! it’s great to have this space.


Hey, Malaika here :slight_smile: Second year comp sci student. Holla at me if you have experience in web dev or java or currently learning. Need an accountability study buddy.


Hey everyone!
I’m Theo, a Brazilian chemist trying to go to the tech area, I’m currently in the full-stack path and I’d like to focus on Data Analysis next

Here’s my GitHub: Mo-theo · GitHub


Hi there, I am Nico, from Colombia. I am currently studying Python for beginnner.

I created a group on Whatsapp if you feel like need some support to keep motivated and have a some buddies for accountability. I understand this can be hard some days, so why not have a group to express how we are doing and help each other.

here is the group number +57 3237960289,

jump on and say a hello to start this group together.


Nicolas Ortega


It’s nice meeting everyone!

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Hi everyone! Great meeting you all. I’m currently on the Back-End Engineer career path. Hoping to stay motivated to finish it!

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Thank you everyone for stopping by the event earlier today. I hope you can use this thread to say hello and maybe come back now and then to keep us all updated on your progress!

Hello everyone! Newbie on frontend here


Good morning everyone! Hope your Thursday is going well :smiley:

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Good morning fellow coders,

My name’s Jesse, I’m in the U.S. and I am 20% through the data science: machine learning career path. I was wandering if there were any fellow python coders out there who would be interested in doing a little CR (code review) together. I haven’t done a review before or had one done on my code. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and put the CR out there, thnx!


Hi, I’m Kenji a Chinese full-stack developer. I’m here to review my tech knowledge. I’d like to do the CR with you.

Hi Jesse, my name is Gedeon. I too am in the U.S. and at 29% of the Data Science: Data Analytics Career Path. I’m sure a lot of topics overlap with yours, I’m currently working on Python Fundamentals for Data Science Part II. Yes, I’m interested in doing CR with you even though I’ve never done any before myself, but we can try we all have to start somewhere, right? Let me know if you’re still looking for someone to work with.

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Hey everyone, I might as well introduce myself.

I’m on the journey into the tech field, I’ve recently completed the JavaScript Basics course and i’m absolutely loving the course material that is provided on this website.

Next target, HTML and CSS.

Shoot me a message if you want to share knowledge and/or techniques.


that’s awesome I am looking forward to it !

nice to meet and I look forward to CR with ya.

Hi everyone! This is Diksha, I’m a software engineer, trying to upskill myself this year! Glad to be here! Happy Learning :slight_smile:

Hello all, my name is Ponz and it is awesome to be here. Hope to everyone is having a great New Year.

Happy Monday everyone!

Did you learn anything new during the weekend?

Hi guys! My name is Shy, and I’m a high school student! Looking to connect with other like-minded individuals.