New Year, new ME! 30 Days (Front-End Engineer)

I have been trying several tutorial platforms, randomly put together different courses, tried them all and most often I’ve lost motivation due to the huge lack of logical systematic learning.

This (!) is the right academy, I can feel it. I will boost myself to a strong skill level of a Junior Front-End Engineer in the upcoming 30 days.

My main goal is to become a Full-Stack Web/App Developer by the middle of the year.

Let’s to this!


I am going to use this thread as my personal journal. So, today I’ve completed chapter 2 and I am looking forward to complete chapters 3 and 4, which deal with the Foundations of HTML and CSS.

So far, I’ve learnt how the internet works and how computers communicate with servers (on a basic level), I’ve also understood what Front-End Development and Design is and what the difference is (basically what Front-End is in general).
And I also learnt what languages there are for Web Development, currently.

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The first week I spent intensively with HTML, which means that this week will be a styling week - CSS lets go!

I have not quite considered the scope of HTML and CSS and have adjusted my initial motivation to the real challenges to stay on the ball!

Today it’s the turn of the semantics of HTML. It’s going excellent so far, and starting tonight/tomorrow morning, it’s on to this week’s challenge: the basics of CSS! I’m becoming a styler!

(I am on the Front-End Engineer Track)

Hi there, my goal is to code a professional website for my friend who is a yoga teacher within the next 30 days. This is also my first real life project for my portfolio. Very nervous and excited about it. Wish me luck! :nerd_face: :raised_hands:t4: :woman_technologist:t4: