New want some help maybe a pal or two

Hi gang.
I have just started learning to program! I bought a Mac air and it arrived so have made a start with codeaccdemy.
My question is what do I need to download to get started? I already dl Python shell and unity, but I need a coding program and recommdatios
Also, any better ways to learn coding? I will start with Python.

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Welcome to the forums!

Python is a great place to start! I’d suggest installing a IDE of your choice that you can work and edit code in, there’s a lot of options (including the Python IDLE, which comes built in to Python and it very beginner friendly). I’d personally suggest VSCode, it’s not as beginner friendly but it’s a very popular and widespread IDE that’s very powerful:

That said, there’s a ton of good IDEs out there and the important thing is finding one that you’re able to get experience in and (perhaps most importantly) feel comfortable using. I’d suggest researching around a little to see if there’s any other options that particularly jump out at you.

Good luck learning! It’s a a very rewarding journey!