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New forums users, welcome! You’ll see that this forum has categories for all of the subjects that Codecademy teaches – your fellow learners use these parts of the forums to help each-other work through Codecademy content. People also use these forums as a safe space to discuss anything related to coding – you can find those conversations in our #Codecademy-Community-Lounge section.

How The Forums Work

First, get a quick rundown of forums features so you understand what does what and why.

If you want to post a question or contribute to a conversation, please check out our guides to using the forums and to write a good post first. Making better posts helps everyone else here but it’ll also help you – high quality posts are more likely to get replies!

Take The Plunge

Many of you are new to Codecademy as a whole, many are just new to the forums. In either case, the first step is the same: click on the “log in” button.

If you’re not already logged in to Codecademy, you’ll be asked to do so. If you are logged in on, you’ll automatically create a new profile for the forums and receive some on-boarding material in your inbox! You’ll receive a Direct Message from @discobot, a forums bot that will help you to get better oriented on this forum and how it works.

Say Hi

Now that you’re a member of our forums, don’t forget to introduce yourself here.

Happy coding!

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