New user need help!

I am currently working this lesson and do not understand why when i need to input the answers to my gets prompts it does not allow me to type the answer in the box to the right. It keeps failing me for the lesson and i am very much a beginner to all of this.
<In what way does your code behave incorrectly? Include ALL error messages.>

no error messages as of yet just no response when i try to input my answers



Let’s start, please, with all of your code…


I have in the past used this very lesson for testing and demonstration and never have a problem with it. The interface works as expected, mind, I have completed it long ago so everything is permanently check marked. (We don’t get credit twice for a lesson.)

What's your first name? Wee
What's your last name? Gillis
What city do you live in? Fort William
What state? (xx) SCT
Your name is Wee Gillis and you live in Fort william, SCT.

My code at present is not lesson code but I do get this output when I hit Enter at every prompt…

What's your first name? 
What's your last name? 
What city do you live in? 
What state? (xx) 
Your name is   and you live in , .


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