New to Web Design


Hi folks, I’m Rob Barnett and have just signed up to Codecademy. I’m on the Web Design path learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript and was wondering which tools/apps folks use to build their own projects based on the lessons learned here - preferably free.

NB - I’m on a macOS Mojave system.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated


#2 is awesome and is used by Duke University. Works very well for all three languages and is free.

Also, you could take the course “Deploy a Website” which may have some helpful tips as you get more advanced in your programming career.

Here is a link to a good blog post on the topic:


Hey Rob,

I personally use Sublime Text 3, which is a text editor that allows you to write code and save your work on your computer.

Say you have a folder on your desktop called “WebDesign”, put all the files within that folder (you can even create subfolders within, such as CSS / JavaScript / Images), and you’ll be able to check the result of your work directly from your preferred browser.

This is a great way to start experimenting with coding and designing your own user interfaces.

Best of luck


Personally, I use several websites. One of them I use is
Some others would be Sololearn and Khan Academy to test your codes on.

Also you create an about:blank page. Then hit Inspect and add you code!

I hope this helps =)


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