New to Python, setting up variables issue


In some of the initial lessons they ask that variables be setup.
ex: spam =True
Eggs = False

My attempt:
spam_variable = spam
spam = True
Eggs_variable = Eggs
Eggs = False

I keep getting error in line 1, the academy does not appear to provide direction or assistance with my setting up the variables. I would appreciate any assistance anyone would be willing to provide.


You could have a read

In this case::
If you use True or False you are using a so-called Boolean
If you use "a string" you are using a so-called String

You can create so-called variable's
by using a variable-name and assigning a Value to this variable-name
spam_variable = "spam" ( you assigned a string Value to spam_variable )
test = True ( you assigned a Boolean Value to test )

From now on if you use this variable the Python-Interpreter will use the associated Value
like printing out the value with
print spam_variable