New to Python - Introduction course


Doing the introduction course on Python. On question 5, some of the colours of the output string are not appearing. I am guessing they are coming as colour white, even though I have made multiple changes to the input values. Specifically, letters “o,a,a,m” are not appearing from “code academy”. Any help will be appreciated, below is the code:

// Color variables:
red = [50, 30, 20];
orange = [100, 100, 100];
green = [100, 89, 80];
blue = [30, 80, 20];
purple = [300, 300, 300];

// Letters in the message will cycle through these colors:
letterColors = [red, orange, green, blue, purple];

message = 'code academy';

drawName(message, letterColors);


please include link/url to exercise


Thanks for letting me know. Link for the exercise below:


I think you picked a couple of colors which are not working really well


They’re appearing, consider which color was picked and which color the background is


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