New to Programming -

Hi ive just got a job with a software company. Being completely new to coding its been hard so im looking for Codecademy to give me some tips and pointers on where to start. The language my company uses is C/AL which im aware isnt an option on here, but i was wondering if there was anyone with and knowledge on it or just how to get started on learning coding? Would it be useful to take one of the courses on here like java script for example just to give me an idea on how it all works? replies appreciated! thanks

How do you get a job with a software company, not knowing how to program?

programming languages are just tools to get the job done, learn programming concept and build things.

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There’s a youtube channel called crash course with a computer science series
Especially worth watching is the first couple ones explaining a bit about hardware and history

C/AL looks very niche, learning resources are probably scarce. Just the same, one way of going about things is to just start doing
Perhaps there’s someone in that company with insights on where to start on that?

Also, would recommend python or go over javascript as a first language. Go is a pretty simple language where it’s easy to understand everything that’s going on, python on the other hand has lots of built-in functionality making it easy to get things done, with some risk of being confusing because you don’t see everything down to the smallest detail.
Meanwhile, javascript as a language leaves a lot to be desired. It’s mainly good because browsers run it (availability)

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Good day Alex,
Sorry to hear you’ve been thrown into the fire so to speak. Start with html/css if you are unfamiliar about the interface of communication between different code languages. This will give you a pallet and basic concepts you can start with.
I too am two weeks, ‘starting’ out