New to programming, struggling to pick which course to do

Hi! I’m new to codecademy and I want to make the most of it, but I need a little advice from more experienced people.
I’ll keep it short, I have a masters in psychology but I really hate working in that environment, so I’ve decided to work towards becoming a software developer. It is something that I was always interested in and yes, I was a 14 year old writing edgy myspace code, so I’m at a beginner level. I’ve completed the JS and HTML intro just to make sure I liked the site before committing.
I’m at the point now where I want to either begin the front stack course or the full stack, but I’m not sure which. Realistically, trying to balance this with a full-time job and an upcoming surgery is difficult so I want to pick something that I will enjoy and give me the most opportunities, as I hope if I work hard I will be ready for a career change next year. I really like HTML and designing websites and making them look nice, so I think I have a preference for front stack, but I haven’t got any experience in the back path.
I’m just a bit confused and was hoping for insight!
It’s a massive change so any help or if anyone can shed their own experience I would truly appreciate it. I am itching to learn more and make a positive career change in 2022, I’ve seen a lot of people say in under a year they were able to land a full-time and fulfilling job so I figured that it could be me as well.

Okay, b/c you mentioned MySpace you get bonus points. :joy: Also, hooray for the social sciences! (my background is sociology).

I know you want a specific answer, but, things like this are so subjective. I will also point you to search our forums for what others have posted about this very same topic…and wondering what to do next. Essentially, you’re not alone in your indecision. :slight_smile:

My .02: if you’re interested in front-end development, start there. I would also say that you need to learn a programming language…or two. Maybe do the CS course(?) as well. The thing is, once you ‘open the door’ to programming…you’ll see that everything is connected and you’ll want to learn more. Just don’t overload yourself & try to do too much at once. It can become overwhelming and people can get burnt out or get “Imposter Syndrome.”
Take the courses and programming concepts one at a time. Thinking computationally is tough at first. But, I swear, it gets easier! Make sure that you understand the content your reading and the code you’re writing too. Also, don’t just focus on one source of learning (online, or here) there are so many other supplemental resources to learn from—books, YT, tech blogs, meetups, etc.

Happy coding! :woman_technologist:t2:

Thank you! it is very subjective and I do wish that there was a simple answer for things like this, especially involving big life decisions!
But I do appreciate you taking the time to answer!

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