New to Programming; Need Advice

Hello friends!

I am new to programming, I’ve been self teaching for about a year now. I recently started using Codecademy and almost am finished with Python 3.

I am looking for advice on what I should do next. I know what sounds interesting to me but I don’t know what I should study or look into to achieve that end goal. And I don’t know if I should “quit my day job” until I am 100% ready for that, or should I look at getting an entry level Python programmer job to gain some experience in the mean time.

What advice do you have for someone really new to this field?

Thank you so much! <3

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First, don’t quit your job until you are secure and have another one that is lined up (you signed a contract). :slight_smile:

Second, what are you interested in building/creating? Are you interested in programming? Data science or analysis? Data engineering? I would look into those fields and see if that jives with what you’re really interested in.

You can also start to build up an online portfolio of projects to show any potential employer. You can create a free page on GitHub Pages. Certificates are super, but people want to see that you can apply the concepts that you’ve learned.

Also, check out this area of the Community section. There is a ton of helpful advice from other learners who are in various stages of their careers.

Happy coding.


Thank you for your reply! I definitely need to create a GitHub, I have made a couple of small programs for fun while I been studying.

Where I see myself going, and I know its kinda a bit specific, but I think it would be really interesting to be a programmer for a slot machine company. The idea has stuck with me and that’s where I want to try to end up.

I will browse the other forum posts and learn what I can from other people’s experiences. Thank you for all the advice!

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I would recommend JavaScript or Type Script. Then Golang or Rust. Find the one you like most and master it.