New to programming looking for advice/someone to learn with


Hello everyone, i’m new to coding. I would like to learn a programming language (currently learning python) with the (short/mid term) end goal of creating a basic 2D rpg game. This is a journey for me to see if this is something I would to do more of, I love video games (especially rpgs) and I think learning how to make one wold be the apex of mixing learning something new and fun. I would be grateful to find any like minded people would like to work on this project with me (and are okay with it being a learning process) or for any advice any experienced coders have that would help send me in the right direction. Thank you all in advanced!


First, Welcome to CodeCademy! Python is a good language to start with for now in my opinion. I have not took the Python course yet here on CodeCademy so I won’t be much help for now. If you any questions though, please feel free to ask me, and I will try to get you in the right direction!

I hope this helps =)


As @trevorhodges said, Welcome to codecademy!

Also, I have just started the Python course too! If you need help, I’ll try if you aren’t ahead of me.


I have just started here, but already have learned Python if you need some help.