New to posting - Colmar Project

Hi Codecademy people,

When I started the Colmar Project I thought I would add some of my own features (CSS), but I found the many details of the project itself challenging enough. So my goal was to replicate the wireframe. Can someone give me some feedback, thanks.

I provided the url’s to my webpage and github repository as I don’t know how to provide a clickable link.

github - GitHub - jalcoding8/
website - Colmar Academy

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Nice! Great start. I like the overall feel.

One detail I caught is that sometimes the section title doesn’t seem well-balanced or centered with the below content (and one of the boxes seems to be popping out on top).

Whereas this one below the image centering is very clear

And in this shot below for my taste the COURSES text dips in alignment in the center box. Which goes against the crispness theme that you have in general.

Maybe the github readme could just talk a little more about the motivation. You would have strangers or potential collaborators/employers see this first and a good readme file improves the whole experience and directs them to what is really interesting (you can even include your Colmar Academy link in the readme.

Have you seen Kevin Powell’s youtube channel on css? He has a lot of interesting ideas about ways to make sites look good. I haven’t done css in a while but I think he was pretty clear in his approach.

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Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate your comments.

Since I was following the wireframe, I organized the box model image relationships exactly as provided. I noticed the uneven placement for the thesis image next
to the Prisma image but that is the way the wireframe is displayed. As I was presuming to be working for a ‘client’ I wasn’t going to take liberties even if I felt it should
more balanced. I will take your advice and modify future README content.