New to JavaScript

Good Day, I am new to JavaScript and I have completed the first two steps in your training, however, I have downloaded Notpad++ to write some of my own test programs only to find that none of them work. When I went online to investigate what could be the issue, it seems that the tutorials online show a very different format for writing the code… for example on your program i would write console.log(‘Name’); to print the word name to the screen, however, when using Notepad++ this does not work, I have to use the command document.write(“Name”); to print the word Name to the screen.

please help me understand this as I do not want to waste countless hours studying redundant code.

well, .log() is a method belonging to console:

The webpage is a html document, as explained here:

codecademy offers a console in the lesson so the focus can be on learning JS without the complicated interference of the the DOM.